Angkety, tyepety, iltyem-iltyem

Eileen Pwerrerl Campbell is one of the leaders of the Iltyem-iltyem project.

She lives at Ti Tree, and is one of a group of senior Anmatyerr and Warlpiri women in the community. Eileen has worked steadily over many years supporting Anmatyerr language and culture in the school at Ti Tree. She also has worked on many projects with community and researchers, documenting the language and culture of the people in the Anmatyerr region.

This video is an extract of a longer recording, where Eileen Campbell uses angkety ‘speech’, tyepety ‘sand drawing’ and iltyem-iltyem ‘sign language’ to tell a story. She speaks in Anmatyerr, a language of Central Australia. She signs in iltyem-iltyem, the Anmatyerr name for Central Australian Sign Language.

Recorded, edited and subtitled by Jenny Green.